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Why pay attention to the oil temperature when operating a small excavator

New types of construction are inseparable from small excavators, especially China is currently striding forward on the road of high-speed development. Urbanization is further increased, and projects are planned one by one, in order to quickly enter the ranks of developed countries. , China is also working hard. So Small Excavator。As an important member of construction and engineering, what should I pay attention to when operating a mini excavator? Why pay attention to the oil temperature?

When we are building houses, the help of an excavator can be described as a multiplier, but the use of a small excavator for a long time may cause the oil temperature to be high, and the high oil temperature will cause great harm, especially in summer The outdoor temperature is relatively high, and it is normal for a small excavator to work outdoors for a long time and the oil temperature is too high. What harm will the oil temperature cause?

If the heat dissipation of the working machine of the mini excavator is not very good, it will affect the temperature of the machine. If the temperature of the machine is too high, the work rate will be reduced. Then our engineers work very hard. The clutch and brake of the small excavator have some problems during work. Friction will also have high temperature, which will cause abrasion caused by high temperature, and it may also cause burnout.

If the oil temperature is too high, we can take some appropriate measures to dissipate heat, such as adding lubricating oil to the machine to reduce the wear between the mechanical parts, which not only improves the working efficiency of the mini excavator, but also avoids damage Condition.

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