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What should I do if it is difficult to start the excavator in winter? Do these things safely through the winter

The weather is getting colder and it is more difficult to start the excavator. In this season, the excavator is also prone to failure, so doing the maintenance work of the excavator in winter plays an important role in extending the service life of the excavator. Make these preparations in advance to prevent, check and protect the excavator through the winter smoothly.

It is critical to prevent the oil circuit from freezing. In addition to power loss, the biggest factor that affects the engine start in winter is fuel. It is recommended to use winter anti-freeze fuel according to the local minimum temperature. If you want to park for a long time, park it in sheltered and sunny areas as much as possible Place. Fill the fuel tank and let it stand still for about an hour, open the bottom drain to release the excess water mixed in the diesel, which can prevent the water in the diesel from analyzing the freezing of the fuel oil circuit. Start every interval. Run the engine once and check whether the antifreeze, oil, etc. are sufficient.

*Battery power should be sufficient* The power of the battery will also be affected when the weather is cooled in winter. Therefore, if it is an older battery, it is easy to lose too much power. In this case, replace the new power supply as soon as possible to avoid the time of startup. It was discovered that there was no power. In addition, when the north is entering the off-season in winter, the excavator may also be parked for too long, resulting in the loss of battery power. In this case, the battery can be disassembled in advance and stored indoors, and work needs to be started. It can be installed in advance.

The quality of the oil should be controlled by the temperature drop, the viscosity of the oil increases, and the resistance between the moving parts increases, resulting in a decrease in the number of revolutions when the engine starts, and at the same time, the wear of the engine piston rings, cylinder liners and crankshaft connecting rods increases. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the winter type oil in winter to reduce the wear and load when the engine starts. In addition, the appropriate type should be selected, such as hydraulic oil.

The principle of engine warm-up without sloppy thermal expansion and contraction is known to everyone. After entering the winter, due to the drop in temperature, some of the normal or minor leaks, faults and wear that were originally used in the summer have suddenly become a lot more serious, so it is necessary to check in time Whether each component has the phenomenon of fracture and aging. The increase of the plunger clearance in the diesel pump, the change of the injection nozzle diameter, the change of the valve clearance, the clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder liner, and many other dimensional changes, are not conducive to winter The engine starts. Therefore, the preheating work must be done before the excavator starts.

I have seen in the forum that when the engine is difficult to start, organic friends use hot water to heat it. This method may be effective, but it is not recommended, because water droplets or water vapor will cause the engine to burn. The parts are rusty, and there may be dangers such as sparks, insurance burnout, etc.

Of course, the hydraulic oil should also be selected for the appropriate model. For example, the anti-wear hydraulic oil No. 46 in the north is universal in all seasons, and the No. 68 hydraulic oil is available in the southern summer. It is recommended to use the No. 46 in winter. In addition, in addition to the necessary maintenance, the excavator is in winter During construction, the working conditions will be more complicated, so remember to pay attention to safe driving and operation.

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