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What are the applications of small excavators?

Small excavators have their own advantages and can be used in many construction projects. For example, in addition to digging and loading materials, small excavators can also be replaced with other operating tools to handle operations under special conditions, such as: installation Rotary drilling tools are used for drilling holes, hooks are installed for lifting heavy objects, and sweepers are installed for sweeping work. The small excavator has a small radius of rotation, so that when the small excavator is working in an environment with limited working space, the operator does not need to consider whether there are obstacles on the construction site hindering the rotation of the excavator, so that the operator can focus on the operation of the bucket. Greatly improve work efficiency

The overall weight of the small excavator is light, convenient to transport, and low in price. In foreign countries, due to its low price and convenient transportation, some farmers have replaced some manual operations with small excavators. The small excavator is small in size and can work in various narrow spaces. It can walk through a narrow position to an open place before getting on the truck. It does not need heavy trucks to transport it. Small transportation vehicles can transport it away. This can also greatly reduce the transportation cost of the machine.

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