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Uses and characteristics of wheel excavators

Uses and characteristics of wheel excavators

The full-power three-pump compound control system of the tire excavator has a compact structure, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The ideal working machine for the construction of small spaces such as agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, and engineering construction is to replace the labor force and liberate the labor force in the future. Ideal equipment.

Many advantages:

The three-pump and three-pump compound oil supply makes the boom, arm and rotation form an independent hydraulic system, realizing fast and smooth operation.

Using walking device, the performance is more stable and the quality is more reliable.

The main valve adopts imported HUSCO (Hersk), which has excellent performance and excellent operation performance. It can be broken by installing a breaker with a broken pipe and a control device.

Eaton (Eaton) rotary motor is adopted, which has reliable quality, large displacement, large torque and strong adaptability to working conditions.

The integrated dashboard displays parameters such as water temperature, oil pressure and running time.

Special armrest box, the left box can be raised and lowered, the swing angle is small, and the humanized design is beautiful and easy to go up and down.

The unique boom side shift function of the wheel excavator adapts to the structure of various narrow boundaries (wall roots, pipes, indoors, etc.)!

Uses of tire excavators:

●Orchard: excavate fertilization ditch, plant trees, weeding, soil cultivation, land reclamation, etc.;

●Trenching: excavating cable trenches, tap water or sewage pipes, gas pipes, etc.;

●Landscaping: planting trees, digging trenches, etc.;

●Mountain contracting: planting trees, repairing terraces, digging trenches, opening roads, weeding and reclamation;

Wheel Excavator

●Indoor aspect: indoor demolition, basement backfill;

● Fracture: broken road and ground concrete, gravel on the mountain, etc.;

●Mining: construction of tunnels and caves, various mines and shafts;

●Vegetable greenhouse: suitable for deep soil;

●Digging medicine: used for digging yam;

Another: agricultural and forestry planting, farmland reconstruction, small earthwork engineering, municipal engineering, pavement repair, farm, garden breeding and river dredging engineering and other business environments. Through digging, crushing, cleaning hooks, drilling and bulldozing, parts can be quickly replaced, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine.

What needs to be observed in daily life of a wheel excavator?

Different machines and equipment need to be inspected and repaired under different conditions under daily conditions, but today we are not here to analyze and explain the tire excavator. We should start from the daily situation to understand and understand the working principle of the equipment. How to master more skills and how to attract more businesses to pay attention.

Many people know that the efficiency of a wheel excavator is directly related to the operation. The frequency of the handle used during operation is relatively high. This is a process that every employee needs to master and understand, but in actual work, everyone’s work efficiency is different, which is due to the operating skills.

After all, wheeled excavators are used for excavation. Digging is a lot of skills. Usually, it is mainly a boom cylinder, supplemented by a boom. The depth of insertion is experience, too deep or too shallow.

Wheeled excavators have three main flattening processes: boom, stick and ground. The three forms a trigonometric function. How employees can drive this function to operate is their own ability.

There is still a lot of daily and attention on wheel excavators. There is not much specific introduction here, I hope you can learn more and pay more attention to it.

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