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Trouble shooting of excessively high temperature of mini excavator

1. “Release”

When the head temperature is too high, you can touch the temperature of the upper water pipe and the underwater pipe with your hands to determine the fault. The radiator grille can be blown with compressed air first, and then flushed with a water pipe

2. “Rush”

If there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will be formed, which will make the cooling water cycle bad and cause the temperature of the brain to be too high.

3. “Touch”

It is found that the temperature of the head is too high or the temperature indicator light keeps shining, so check if the cooling water of the water tank is normal, and whether there is any leakage at the water tank, water pipe and various joints. If after working for a period of time, it is still found that the temperature is too high, and the parking inspection finds that the cooling water has been greatly reduced, this is mostly due to the loss of the water jacket of the cylinder block due to blisters or perforations. The following methods can be used to deflate: Let the engine run at high speed, and gently unscrew the water tank cover until the gas is just released. At this time, some cooling water will flow out with the gas. Repeat this many times until you feel the gas is exhausted. (At this time, the temperature of the upper and lower water pipes will be significantly different when touched by hand).

4. “Look”

If the temperature difference between the two water pipes is large, it can be judged that the thermostat is not working. If no abnormality is found through the appearance inspection, the work can be continued after supplementing the cooling water according to the regulations. After discovering this fault, the excavator should be repaired and should not be taken lightly. After troubleshooting, add cooling water in time. If you can’t buy the accessories temporarily, you can remove the thermostat for emergency, and replace it immediately after an accessory.

In general, there are four main steps to solve the problem of excessive temperature in excavators. “One look, two modes, three directions, and four strokes.” As long as you grasp these four steps, you can solve the problem in a fair way. Excessive topic! If the dirt adheres to the radiator, it will affect the heat dissipation effect over time and cause the water temperature to be too high.

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