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The reason why the mini excavator dropped the chain

1. Because the radial planes of the several sets of wheels that make up the track of the track are not on the same plane, that is, the track is not uniform and cannot fit well with the track, which causes the track to roll and run poorly, and the track is out of track.

2. The track is too loose. This is well understood. The loose track will have a relatively large amount of opening during turning operations or on the ground. The track of the track cannot have a good guiding effect, and it is inevitable that the track will derail. .

3. Because the chain guard is excessively worn, the chain guard cannot limit the track very well, and the track shoe swings too much, resulting in a chain release.

How to prevent the mini excavator from dropping the chain

Now that we understand the reason why the track is out of track, we can prescribe the right medicine to prevent the onset of 1 off-chain in time, so how can we prevent it?

1. When operating or turning on a harsh construction site on the ground, if the track is found to be initially out of track, the track should be stopped in time, and the track should be lifted and idling for a few laps to return the track to the correct orientation.

2. The rotating shafts of the driving wheels, supporting wheels, guide wheels, and carrier wheels should be greased frequently to be sufficiently smooth to prevent excessive wear.

3. The guide wheels can be moved forwards and backwards to adjust the tightness of the track. Therefore, the guide wheels should be maintained regularly, and the tensioning cylinder should be checked in time for normal operation and the oil seal should be repaired or replaced in time.

4. Check whether the chain guard is excessively worn or loose, and repair or replace if any.

5. In addition, always check whether foreign objects such as stones and soil are involved in the crawler.

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