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Technical guidance for small excavators

When a small excavator is walking, due to the special structure, the front and rear direction of the crawler is often remembered incorrectly, so you must “try” or “see” clearly before walking. Due to the different geology, the excavator on the ground of different geology will have smooth and unsmooth steering when turning. When the ground is flat and smooth, the steering will be very smooth, and when the ground is uneven, it will not be so smooth. At this time, you can first use the working device to slightly jack up the excavator, and the crawler will turn while the working device rotates in the opposite direction. Such support for steering will be very fast, but many old machines are due to the wear and tear of chassis parts such as crawlers and guide wheels.

After the support is turned, it is easy to cause the excavator track to deviate, which requires frequent attention. When loading a small excavator in Shanxi, the order in which each shovel is poured into the earth-carrying truck, some people say that the front part of the cargo box of the earth-carrying truck is first loaded, and some people say that it is better to load the first part and then the part. I think it’s the same before and after installation, it’s just a matter of personal habit. There are only two situations to pay attention to. The first is that the platform on which the excavator works is too high, and when it is in a situation, if you install the back first, then install the front. Because the excavator is slowly moving back while digging the soil, it is possible that the front part will be too far away after the rear part is installed and the front part cannot be installed. Therefore, it is better to install the front part first in this case. Another situation is that the excavator is at the same height or even lower than the earth-moving truck. At this time, if the rear part is installed first, it will block the driver’s view and cannot see the front part of the earth-moving truck’s cargo box.

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