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Teach you three tricks how to choose a mini excavator correctly

Nowadays, small and mini excavators have become more and more intelligent. Rural reconstruction, green road construction, and orchard planting are inseparable from small excavators. With the hot sales in the small excavator market, many small manufacturers are also competing to buy low-quality parts at low prices, hoping to get a share of the pie. Many users only took a fancy to the low price of the mini excavator when they bought it. After that, they didn’t expect that they would start to go wrong before the money was made, and many users regretted it. Mini excavators are used to save labor costs. When choosing a mini excavator, just remember the following points, making money is just a matter of course.

**First, the vehicle compatibility must be good**

Many people value whether the engine is imported or domestic. In fact, this is not too important. Nowadays, the technology of domestic engines is very mature. For example, Laidong, Yuchai, Weichai, Xinchai, quality and durability are no problem. Whether the main components are compatible and whether they can achieve higher performance is the key. Now many small manufacturers’ products have grasped the user’s psychology and blindly pursue high configuration, but compatibility cannot be debugged. Incompatible configuration not only makes the whole vehicle The performance is greatly reduced, and the service life of each component can be shortened.

**Second, the quality of after-sales service cannot be ignored**

Small [micro excavator] (http://www.yzdeli.com/) as a construction machinery, the replacement and maintenance of fragile and consumable parts should not be underestimated, and it can also be directly related to the user’s economic income, so choose machines and accessories Is it easy to buy and whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service is timely? This should all be investigated before buying a car.

**Three, the suitability of the model**

In this regard, most people can consider that it is mainly aimed at the customer groups who have just entered the industry, and the model selection should be based on the actual working conditions in the future. The plain area has stable geology and is very suitable for various operations of wheeled excavators, but if it is mountainous or hilly landforms, then you must choose a crawler model. Of course, there are many factors that affect the choice of models, such as: the size of the engineering volume, whether the work location is fixed, and so on.

Choosing a mini excavator through the above three points can make your excavator happy to buy, rest assured, and comfortable after use. [Mini excavator price] is also the most important issue for users. See more, compare more, and ask more to ensure that your interests are maximized.

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