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Structure of wheel excavator walking device

The wheeled excavator driving device has a variety of structures. It has a wheeled tractor chassis with a standard car chassis, but the wheeled excavator has a slightly larger bucket capacity and higher performance requirements, and uses a special tire-type chassis walking device.

Although there are some crawler walking devices, they are widely used in wheeled excavators, mainly for urban road construction or work in narrow spaces. Rubber crawlers should be used in consideration of the working environment and actual conditions. Because the rubber track has little damage to the road, low noise, high speed, low vibration, low ground pressure, and high traction, it can reduce the impact of the ground on the machine. Steel rails can be used in harsh environments or on-site to adapt to harsh conditions. Although the wheeled walking device runs fast and has good maneuverability, the tires will not damage the road surface during operation, so it is very popular in urban construction, but its ground pressure is large, the climbing ability is small, and special excavation work requires mining. Support legs to ensure the stability and safety of the wheeled excavator. Therefore, crawler-type traveling devices are more suitable than wheel-type traveling devices.

Explanation of operation specifications of wheeled excavators:

The wheel excavator is a frequently used machine, and its effect is second to none on the construction site. Excellent product quality makes it have good economic benefits in the market. Today we will take you to understand the specifications of the super wheel excavator.

Operation specification of wheel excavator

1. In the operating environment, one thing to pay attention to is. If the environment is not suitable for wheeled excavators, it will have an impact on the use effect. This is not a problem with the product itself, so there should be a purpose in the purchase process, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Wheel excavator

2. Understand the structure and operating status of the wheeled excavator, bring convenience when using it, and solve the problem more effectively. This is undoubtedly something everyone needs to do.

3. Long-term operation should be maintained regularly, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine, so this maintenance is very necessary for everyone.

Practicality of wheel excavators

For everyone, the excavator is an indispensable machine in construction, but the scope of traditional large excavators has many limitations. The advent of wheeled excavators will undoubtedly bring more convenience, not only smaller in size, but also more flexible in operation, and the span is also very large. Now let’s take a look at the practicality of wheeled excavators.

1. Wheeled excavators are cheaper and consume less fuel. They are also very convenient when driving, but we need to check the braking system before driving to ensure safety.

2. It can be used not only in construction, but also as a drilling rig. It can replace the front digging head with a drill bit, which will not cause pressure on the road.

3. Long-term use, the maintenance cost of wheeled excavators is relatively low, and it is not easy to cause damage. This is undoubtedly the best choice for everyone.

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