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Tree spade


  • the upper diameter(mm):450mm
  • the bottom diameter(mm):100mm
  • the depth of tree root(mm):330mm
  • the shovel No(Pcs):2Pcs
  • empty weight(kg):265kg

Advantage of product

The skid steer loader, excavator and wheel loader carry the tree spade machine. The skid steer loader is small in size, agile in operation and can realize in-situ steering. According to the different construction requirements for customers to choose different models, can adjust the size of the earth ball, from 0-4500px, the daily construction volume can reach 200-300 trees.

The tree spade machine is driven by hydraulic cylinder with valve block, which is divided into three flap and four flap. Using mechanical tree digging, digging out are standard soil balls, the survival rate is greatly improved.

Technology parameters

Item Unit 600 800 1000 1000
Tree soil bulb diameter the upper diameter mm 450 600 600 1000
the bottom diameter 100 300 400 500
the depth of tree root mm 330 450 600 600
the shovel No Pcs 2 4 4 4
empty weight Kg 265 810 840 1100
Model Size



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