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Snow Blower


  1. throwing the snow distance(m): > 12m
  2. Operating Width(mm) :1830mm
  3. Operating pressure(MPa):16-21MPa
  4. Operating flow(L/mm):100-150 L/mm

Advantage of product

Snow removal can be carried out quickly and efficiently, throwing snow to a predetermined location or loading equipment for removal. It is suitable for snow removal on city roads, airports, highways, squares, scenic spots and other roads.

The product can quickly clean up the snow and dirt on the streets, squares and highways without damaging the pavement surface. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, flexible use, high efficiency, reliable quality and superior performance. With natural loose snow as the main object of removal, the large-diameter polypropylene and steel wire mixing brush roller has the advantages of abrasion resistance, elastic resistance to bending and no damage to the road surface.

Model Size

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