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Multi section crane

  • Max lifting weight(kg):10.5kg
  • Max lifting torque(Ton•m):8.01Ton•Meter
  • Max working range(m):10.2m
  • Max lifting height(m):4Section(2 fixed arms +2 telescopic arms)

    Technology parameters

    Item Unit 5000
    Max lifting weight kg 10.5
    Max lifting torque Ton•Meter 8.01
    Max working range m 10.2
    Max lifting height m 4Section(2 fixed arms +2 telescopic arms)
    Number of lifting arm segments 8.01
    The full extension length of the boom m 5.2
    Full stretch of outleg m 28
    Hydraulic system pressure MPa 2011
    weight of crane kg 360°Continuous swivel with automatic lock
    Swing range of boom ° 700


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