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Fire robot RXR-MY58D

Original price was: $26000.Current price is: $23000.

Advantage of product

1 It is the first intelligent fire-fighting robot controlled by wireless remote control and remote control in China.

2 It has the functions of fire extinguishing, smoke exhaust, air supply, cooling, dust removal, obstacle clearance, environmental detection, image acquisition, wireless information transmission, climbing and obstacle self-walking, etc.It is the most modern fire-fighting equipment to protect the safety of firefighters and efficiently handle fire accidents

3 The crawler-type chassis design can realize flexible and maneuvering actions such as in-situ steering. The chassis is stable and the ability to climb and overcome obstacles is outstanding

4 The system adopts high temperature resistant design and comes with multiple sets of self-spray cooling devices. The front end of the robot is equipped with external rescue devices such as dozers, hydraulic shears and expanders, which can be used for clearing obstacles in complex fire scenes

Technology parameters

Vehicle performance parameters unit parameters
Total weight kgs 3500
Engine horsepower kw 55
Straight driving speed Km/h 0-9
Water hose dragging ability ≥hose two way DN80300M
Roll stability angle ° ≥25
Obstacle clearance height mm ≥220
Min distance from ground mm ≥250
Gradeability ° ≥35°
Dimension mm 3000×1800×2000
Dozer blade performance parameters unit Parameters
Dozer blade ability KN ≥25
Dozer blade pitch angle ° 0~+50
Fire monitor, Air duct unit Parameters
Max lift height from ground mm ≥2800
smoke exhaust pipe m³/h ≥90000
Air duct spray range m ≥40
Air ductpitch angle ° -10~+60
Fire water cannon range m ≥80
Video transmission device unit parameters
Video transmission distance m ≥200
Robert working remote control distance m ≥200
Operating Load

Rated Flux

Rated Power

Tire Track Model

Max Speed

Fuel Tank Capacity

Self Weight

Bucket Capacity

Overall operating height

Height to bucket hinge pin

Height to top of cab

Height to bottom of bucket

Without Bucket Length

Overall length with bucket

Dump angle at max height

Dumping height

Dumping reach

Rollback angle to bucket on ground

Rollback bucket max height


Ground Clearance

Angle of departure

Turning radius no bucket

Front turning radius

Rear turning radius

Rear axle to bumper

Tread Width


Bucket Width


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