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Bucket Mixer 0.3m³

Original price was: $3756.Current price is: $3350.

  • Bucket capacity(m³):0.3m³
  • Feed capacity(m³):0.3m³
  • Maximum discharge capacity(m³):0.3m³
  • Mixing speed(r/min):70r/min
  • Uniform mixing time(≤″):50≤″

Advantage of product

Bucket mixer combines the functions of agitator and bucket, which reduces the trouble brought by the shoveling process of sand and stones, and greatly improves the working efficiency. The mixing hopper can destroy the agglomeration phenomenon of cement particles and promote the development of dispersion phenomenon. It can increase the number of movement and the cross frequency of movement track of the mixing material unit to accelerate homogenization. The hydraulic drive can realize the positive and negative rotation of the auger and accelerate the mixing speed of concrete.

Technology parameters

Item unit 30
Bucket capacity 0.3
Feed capacity 0.3
Maximum discharge capacity 0.3
Uniform mixing time ≤″ 50
Mixing speed r/min 70
Operating pressure mpa 16-21
Operating flow L/min 75-140
Weight kg 380
Length mm 1250
Width mm 1030
Height mm 950


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