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Maintenance of wheeled excavators

Every morning, the whole car is filled with butter, the fuel tank is emptied, the drain is drained, the oil is checked, and the coolant is checked. The premature wear and tear of the machine’s fuel system (fuel pump, nozzle) is mainly caused by improper daily maintenance by the operator;

Blow-type air filters and radiators can be provided; the maintenance cycle of the machine must be completed on time and in batches. If the working environment is bad (long-term circuit breaker operation, dusty environment), the maintenance cycle needs to be shortened.

The imported machine is well maintained. It is actually very easy for the engine to be repaired for 10,000 hours without oil leakage from the pump and valve. It is necessary for the machine to take off the shoes on the truck.

On the one hand, a dirty cab can easily cause air-conditioning filters, and dusty air circulation can also harm the body.

The use strategy of wheel excavator

1. Slope leveling operations

When trimming the plane, place the machine on the ground to prevent the body from shaking. In order to master the coordination of the movement of the boom and boom, controlling the speed of the two is essential for surface trimming.

2. Loading operations

The body should be in a horizontal and stable position, otherwise it will be difficult to precisely control the rotation and unloading, thus prolonging the cycle time; the body and the truck should be kept at an appropriate distance to prevent the rear of the body from colliding with the truck when turning at 180 degrees; the field of view is wide and the work efficiency is high. The rotation angle should be properly controlled to reduce the turning time; the truck position is lower than the excavator, shorten the boom ascent time, and the sight line is good; first install sand and gravel, and then place big rocks to reduce the impact on the car.

Wheel Excavator

3. Soft zone or water operation

When working in the soft soil zone, you should understand the compactness of the soil, and pay attention to limiting the excavation range of the bucket to prevent accidents such as landslides and landslides and deep subsidence of the car body. When working in water, pay attention to the allowable water depth range of the vehicle body (the water surface should be lower than the center of the bearing roller); if the water level is high, the inside of the slewing bearing will cause poor lubrication due to water ingress, and the engine fan blades will be folded by the water. Due to water intrusion, the loss of circuit components may be short-circuited or damaged.

4. Lifting operation

When hydraulic excavators are used for hoisting operations, the surrounding environment of the hoisting site should be confirmed, and high-strength hooks and wire ropes should be used. When hoisting, special hoisting equipment should be used as much as possible; the operation mode should be selected in the micro-operation mode, and the movement should be balanced slowly; the appropriate length and length, too long will cause the lifting object to swing more and be difficult to accurately control; the bucket position should be Correctly adjust to prevent the wire rope from slipping off; the construction personnel should try not to get close to the lifting object to prevent danger due to improper operation.

5. Smooth running method

When working, the stability of the machine not only improves work efficiency and prolongs the life of the machine, but also ensures safe operation (put the machine on a flat surface).

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