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Maintenance of the excavator during long-term storage

When not in use for a long time, please save it as follows:

1. After rinsing and cleaning each part, please put the machine in a dry room, not outdoors. When you have to place it outdoors, please choose a flat place, place the machine on wood, and cover it with a cover cloth

2. Don’t forget to add oil, grease and change oil.

3 Please fully apply anti-rust oil to the exposed part of the cylinder piston rod. Wipe off the anti-rust oil once a month and start the engine to allow the lubricating oil to flow to all parts of the hydraulic device, and then apply anti-rust to the exposed part of the cylinder connecting rod. Oil

4. The passenger battery should be removed from the ground wire or removed from the car for storage

5. When the temperature drops below 0°C, antifreeze should be added to the coolant, or the water should be completely drained for a long time before use.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Please wipe off the grease smeared on the connecting rod of the cylinder.

2. Start the engine, start the working device and driving device under no-load condition, so that the lubricating oil can fully flow everywhere. (If the storage time is more than 1 month, please implement steps 1 and 2 once a month.) Remember to follow the above operations.

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