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How to reduce the noise of small excavators?

To effectively deal with the temperature noise of small excavators, one of the most important measures is to clean the radiator frequently. To ensure the normal use and cleanliness of the radiator is to ensure that it can dissipate heat normally during operation. If the temperature of our small excavator rises, we need to check the hot air after the temperature drops to see if there is too much dust around the radiator, and clean the radiator in time. In many cases, the high temperature phenomenon is caused by the problem of the radiator. We have to frequently check some sundries on the surface of the radiator and a lot of internal scale and other problems.

Improve the shape and fixed relationship of the rotor, reduce vibration, the oil pump is directly connected to the crankshaft, and reduce vibration more reliable.

Reduce bearing knock and mechanical noise:

1 Bearing selection and assembly.

2 Optimize the gear shape.

Reduce sound transmission:

1 A barrier structure is installed in the flywheel chamber.

2 Apply engineering principles to design the fan.

3 Increase the hardness of the cylinder block and gearbox. Adopt the unique CAE technology of the excavator to optimize the strength of the cylinder block, reduce the transmission noise, and reduce the transmission of noise.

4 Carry out vibration analysis and optimize the design plan.

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