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How to avoid track chain derailment of mini excavator

1. When walking on the construction site, please try to place the walking motor behind the walking to reduce the squeezing of the supporting sprocket.

2. The continuous walking time of the machine should not exceed 2 hours, and the walking time on the construction site should be minimized. If necessary, it is recommended to walk after a short stop on the way.

3. Avoid raised hard objects when walking, so as not to cause stress collection on the rail chain.

4. Confirm the tightness of the crawler, adjust the crawler tightly in the soil and other soft places, and adjust the crawler loosely when walking on rocks. Too loose or too tight is not good. Too loose will cause the track to derail easily, and too tight will cause the chain sleeve to wear too quickly.

5. Frequently check whether there is any foreign matter such as stones involved in the crawler, if any, it needs to be cleaned up.

6. Working on a muddy construction site, it is necessary to frequently idling to drain the soil deposited in the crawler.

7. Try to avoid the mini excavator turning in situ.

8. Regularly check the rail guard and the rail guard welded under the guide wheel.

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