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A brief explanation of the aspects that wheel excavators pay attention to at work

A brief explanation of the aspects that wheel excavators pay attention to at work

1. During the excavation process of wheeled excavators, the “four prohibitions” should be implemented, namely:

① It is forbidden to turn the bucket according to the manual of the wheel excavator when the bucket is not leaving the working surface.

② It is forbidden to make abrupt rotation.

③ It is forbidden to scrape the mound with the side of the bucket.

④ It is forbidden to use a bucket to impact the working surface from side to side.

2. According to the rotation range of the wheeled excavator arm, it should be controlled at 45°-60°, and the inclination angle should be controlled between 30°-45° according to the weight of the wheeled excavator.

3. When the wheeled excavator is walking uphill, the crawler driving wheel should be behind, and when going downhill, the crawler driving wheel is in front and the boom is behind. The boom is parallel to the track. The slewing mechanism should be in a braking state, and the bucket should not exceed 1 meter from the ground. The up and down slope shall not exceed 20°, the downhill should be at a low speed, and variable speed sliding is prohibited.

4. It is forbidden to operate according to the wheeled excavators in the upper and lower excavation sections at the same time; when the working face rotates at the same time, the flat ground should be selected and the obstacles in the passage should be removed. If it moves on the soft ground, it must be under the walking device. Cushion square wood.

Wheel excavator

5. It is forbidden to work under high-altitude erections such as electric wires. According to wheeled excavators, it is not allowed to work under the stop, and it is not allowed to stay in the space for a long time with a full-load bucket.

6. When the wheeled excavator needs to be parked on a slope, the bucket must be lowered to the ground, all the control levers are placed in the neutral position, the parking brake should be stopped, and a wedge should be placed behind the track or tire.

1) According to the technical status of the wheeled excavator, it has a greater impact on its productivity, especially the power of the engine. In addition, the cutting resistance of the bucket will increase by 60%-90% when the bucket teeth are worn. According to the fire protection of the wheel excavator, the blunt bucket teeth should be replaced.

2) In the construction organization, the driving route of the dump truck should be drawn up in advance, and unnecessary uphill ramps should be removed. For each digging path based on wheeled excavators, it is necessary to have an empty return path for each to avoid mutual interference when the dump truck enters and exits. All running lanes should be kept in good condition to facilitate the operation of dump trucks.

3) Carry out the construction organization design correctly. The number of dump trucks matched with the wheeled excavator and the carrying capacity shall meet the requirements of the production capacity of the wheeled excavator, and the capacity of the dump truck shall be an integer multiple of the bucket capacity of the wheeled excavator. At the same time, try to use the double-loading method, so that the wheeled excavator is filled with one, and then the next one is loaded. Because the two dump trucks are separately parked in the circle within the reach of the wheeled excavator bucket. On the curved line, so that the bucket can be filled with the car in a forward direction, and can be filled with another car in a reverse direction, thereby improving the efficiency of loading.

4) According to the wheeled excavator, the driver should have proficient operating techniques and try to use compound operations to shorten the cycle time of the wheeled excavator.

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